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In retrospect

Why your project will probably fail...


How often have you heard colleagues complain '...the costs just went through the roof'...'? - this article by Tom Carlos is a good summary that I hope provokes some thought. We in the maritime industry don't generally like to think much about project management... I've often heard people make excuses saying 'Project Management will never work in this part of the industry because it's not possible to plan X,Y or Z...' What that really means is that they've no idea idea how to plan or communicate. I've even had senior industry managers explain to me that it would be unwise to have help with project management because it could make them look weak or incompetent by highlighting their previous 'issues' to their's that for value-adding management?

The simple solution is training training training... As an industry we're poor at training ANY kind of manager. Time again we see businesses pull seafarers from their ship, give them a title and expect them to know what to do. Well, it doesn't work like that...Training in project management isn't expensive, but the consequences of failure always are.

Simon Beechinor