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In retrospect

Drydockings - classic examples of where 'project management' can be applied...


Dry-dockings... cost over-runs, time delays, poor outcomes, 'mission creep', risks not understood, benefits not realised... if you recognise any of these issues arising in your dry-dockings then some project management could be applied to good effect. I can probably safely bet you £1 (I'm not a gambling man) that your docking superintendent is a marine engineer that's been involved in a couple of dockings in the past and even more recently has been pulled off his ship to dry-dock yours...

If you ask the Super how the business case or budget has been established, 'lessons learned' applied, roles and responsibilities defined or project tolerances set, he will probably look at you blankly and be too busy to care much... but my suggestion would to take the time to think how a formal structure, like PRinCE2, could actually apply some control to what goes on in the dockyard... it'll probably save you a lot of money. 

Simon Beechinor