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In retrospect

India Invests in Safety Training at Alang Shipbreaking Yard | World Maritime News

I hope they do more than dole out a few safety helmets. Even in the North Sea where safety standards have improved enormously in  recent years, there can still be a massive disconnect between management's rhetoric and the folk out on deck. There is still, despite 'Stop-the-Job' policies, often a reluctance for a rigger or deckhand to cause a fuss. My own experience of  having to demand that a safe means of access was provided to a barge taught me that some bloody-mindedness was necessary to galvanise the senior project team into action. I was surprised that it required some interpersonal skill and tenacity to stop a dozen Malaysian riggers walking across a ladder laid horizontally across a surging Yokohama fender in a lively sea. I can't imagine some poor scrap yard worker being equipped to stand up to the guv'nor...

Simon Beechinor