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Bidding for business... are you wasting cash?

Are you losing bids?... Be honest now

Are you losing bids?... Be honest now

Competing for tenders and submitting bids is expensive. Think of the man-hours involved in searching for opportunities, reading tender documentation to see what you can offer, then preparing a bid response and travelling to your prospective client’s offices to deliver a presentation. The cost can run into many thousands of pounds. So, if you’re only winning one in every four or eight tenders, or worse, what on earth can you do to improve your ‘win-rate’?

Your technical experts may be the leaders in their field and your pricing may be among the most competitive, but if you’re not persuading people and not winning bids in sufficient numbers, you’re wasting cash. Failing to win bids builds more and more cost into your operation, so you eventually need to earn even more to cover that cost too. 

Are you writing bids and proposals in your native language? It’s hard enough writing successful bids in your own language, but to compete successfully in another language altogether – that’s tough.

Are you one of several similar firms competing for the same chunk of business? If you are, what is that makes you special and distinct from the others? Why should the prospect choose you over anyone else? If you can’t persuade people and can’t answer their questions clearly enough, you’re going to fail. You’ll just waste money and build more ‘cost’ into your business.

Strathmay Maritime specialises in extracting costs both from commercial and technical maritime operations. We’ve now partnered with Write for Results, a specialist communications consultancy that has trained staff of The Economist, Ernst & Young and Magic Circle law firm Allen & Overy. Write for Results shows professional services firms how to build rapport through the written word and get the results they want. Its co-founder and CEO, Scott Keyser,  helped Ernst & Young double its tender win-rate.

Strathmay Maritime and Write for Results can help you improve your tender win-rate, stop you wasting large amounts of cash.

Call us today to see how we can help you extract cost by winning more bids, winning arguments or attracting investment through the power of persuasive writing.

Simon Beechinor