Maritime, Logistics and Supply Chain Expertise

Maritime, Logistics and Supply Chain Practice


My business is a small independent freight and supply chain consultancy, providing high quality services to the freight transport industry. I started my business in London in 2007 to help my clients with commercial development and to reduce the cost of their operations. I aim to help make you even more competitive.

My work focuses mainly on the commercial development of supply chain-related operations. I have experience in providing a wide range of services for private equity and finance houses, transport operators, shipowners and managers, marine and energy insurers, port operators and charterers, oil majors and public sector organizations. I aim to develop long-standing relationships with all my clients, including SME and HNWI, who appreciate professionalism, discretion and consistency. 

My experience includes the commercial and organizational development of businesses in most sectors of the freight transport industries. This includes container, dry-bulk, break-bulk and project cargo, offshore project services, ports and terminals, cargo storage and handling, I offer services in commercial and organizational development including due-diligence and SME development for maritime and transport-related operations. I offer my commercial and technical services with the practical experience to make a successful contribution to your business development.

My guiding principles are Expertise, Diligence and Passion.

Project management

Everyone thinks Project Management is easy, until they try it. Time and again we hear managers say '...the costs got way out of control...'. I know business is chaotic and the primary function of my project management is to help you organize work to tame this chaos and cost. I apply formal project management systems to both technical and commercial scenarios. I prove that I can help you control the Cost, Time, Scope, Risk, Quality and the Benefit of work.  

Without a plan, your business project has a high probability of delay and cost overruns. My project management expertise brings people together to collaborate cost-effectively. By offering project management disciplines such as cost tracking and risk management, I ensure that resources are used efficiently and economically. Projects need to be well integrated and managing the scope of work is key to a project's value. Any project can cost a significant amount of money, so on-budget performance is essential and a good project management strategy greatly reduces the risk of budget overruns. Project management provides for managing change. Projects always happen in an environment which is constantly changing. Managing change is a complex and daunting task but it is not optional. Quality is the value of what you produce. Project management identifies and controls quality ensuring that the benefits of a project are realized . Finally, projects generate 'knowledge' that represents a significant asset for most businesses. Left unmanaged that 'knowledge' tends to quickly evaporate. Project management ensures that knowledge is captured and that lessons are learned.

Interim management

I also offer to work as an interim manager and director with both commercial and operational industry expertise to an organization for a defined period of time. I have extensive experience of business leadership and am able to help manage an organization through periods of change or transformation. I can provide stability to a business following the sudden departure of a senior leader, or provide a specialized skill set which a business may not have internally. 

You may choose to retain me on an 'interim' basis because the role in question is not a permanent role. I can be retained for a period of months or on a part-time basis and help organizations manage change, implement strategy or just plug a management gap. My service brings the following benefits: 

Subject to demand, I may be available to start in days. With my experience I can operate autonomously and with little guidance. My track record really counts, I’m used to being judged by results so I know how to deliver, cost effectively. My wealth of experience brings skill, contacts and knowledge that will be transferred to your team and remain with you long after the project is ended and we have left. While I’m sensitive to your circumstances, I’m not constrained by your company's internal politics, personalities or protocols. Having no or little previous history with your business means I can be objective and report on situations with great clarity. I can act as a special adviser to the Board or project teams while still rolling up my sleeves helping to deliver strategy. I can focus on bridging the gap between aspiration and delivery.